Board of Directors

Board of Directors – All key decisions at the API are taken by the board of directors, which is comprised solely of representatives of our member funds. Currently, our board is comprised of representatives of 11 members:

  1. Alexsander Branis, Prosperity Capital Management. Chairman of the Board of Directors                                        
  2. Aleksandr Golovtsov, Uralsib Managing Company (represented on behalf of  JSC Investment Holding "E-Union") 

  3. Vitaly Krasnyuk, PPF Russia
  4. Seppo Remes, EOS Russia
  5. Evgeny Malykhin ATON
  6. Charles Hirsch, Equinox Fund Managementt
  7. David Puleston Nicholls, East Capital Asset Management
  8. Vladimir Potapov,  CJSC VTB Capital Asset Management
  9. Mikhail Trofimov, United Capital Partners (UCP)
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