Improving Corporate Governance

Through the work of our directors on companies’ boards, we strive to improve corporate governance hands-on at Russian companies.

When faced with a well-reasoned, cohesive voice of minority investors, company management and majority shareholders often come to see the benefits of sound corporate governance practices, and become receptive to suggested improvements.

Among other things, through this joint work with management and the board, we strive to:
  • Establish formal board committees to create a venue for detailed review of board issues of particular importance;
  • Take active part in the development of corporate growth strategies;
  • Create performance-based motivation systems for the company’s upper management;
  • Block problematic transactions (related-party transactions) and other initiatives that could harm the interests of minority investors.
 In the past, we have successfully carried out such reforms of corporate governance systems at:
  • RAO UES and 89 companies part of the RAO UES group (including Inter RAO and FSK UES);
  • Rostelecom;
  • Multiple regional telecom companies part of the Svyazinvest group;
  • IDGC and numerous energy companies;
  • Other companies.

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