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We see two main benefits that our organization provides: one practical, one noble.
  • Practical: in practical terms, our experience shows that when you are part of a $25 billion group of active investors, you stand a much higher chance of having your interests protected.
  • Noble: from a noble perspective, by supporting the IPA, you can have the assurance that you are making the best possible investment into the improvement of the investment climate and corporate governance practices in Russia.

Our association supports two forms of membership: premium and standard.
  • Premium: premium-level membership provides the opportunity to take part in managing the association through a seat on the IPA’s board of directors, which takes all key decisions and sets the association’s strategic course. Premium-level membership also demonstrates to your constituents that you are doing the most you possibly can to improving the investment climate in Russia.
  • Standard: the newly-created standard-level membership provides full access to all IPA resources, including personal access to us. The regular benefits of membership are: This membership is ideal for those who want to support the improvement of corporate governance in Russia, but do not have the resources to participate in board meetings.

We realize that our membership fees are much higher than the typical fees charged by western associations. This is because the membership base is much smaller in Russia, due to the small number of investors serious enough to invest in corporate governance and investor associations. Because of this, all expenses are spread among a much smaller number of members than would be the case with western organizations.

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