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MICEX-RTS Novy Rynok premium listing

Oct, 2012 to Dec, 2013
The Russian MICEX-RTS exchange is seeking to launch Novy Rynok, a premium listing product on the Moscow exchange. The IPA is actively seeking investor feedback on how interested investors would be in such a product. 

The goal is to create a listing that would afford investors protections over and above what Russian law provides, which would include a platform to resolve disputes within the confines of the exchange, without turning to Russian courts, which are perceived as unlikely to side with investors on conflicts. 

The project is conceived as a Russian parallel to the successful Brazillian Novo Mercado premium listing product, which came to dominate the Brazillian exchange within just a few years of its launch. 

Please download and review the presentation of the project. If you have questions to MICEX-RTS, please contact Elena Pastukhova
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