Vote consolidation

One of our primary functions is to consolidate the votes of investors at general meetings into a united whole.

When minority shareholders vote individually, without unity in their voting, their voices typically end up being too dispersed to carry meaning. The major shareholders get their way, often meeting little resistance from the minorities.

We want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to our members. To do this, for each upcoming general meeting in which our members participate, we form recommendations on how we believe all minority investors should vote, and actively lobby for this with the investors. This creates a unified front of investor interests, and historically has often been successful in protecting investors’ interests. The results have been everything from electing truly independent directors onto boards to blocking problematic related-party transactions and charter amendments, etc.  

Interaction with Proxy Advisory Firms

We realize the crucial role of proxy advisory firms such as Glass Lewis and ISS in the voting process, and so always strive to reach out to them to jointly come to a position that would be in all the minority shareholders’ interests. We respect their work and view them as valuable potential partners in the process of consolidating investors’ votes.
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