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the bullet

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API members AUM in Russian public companies

About Us

Exercising shareholders’ rights and obligations we contribute to creation of value of Russian public companies

Elections of Independent Candidates

API consolidates shareholders in Russian public companies for nomination and elections of Board of Directors members with the status “API independent director”

Focus on effectiveness of dividend policies

Since 2014 API members participate in promotion of reasonable approaches to distribution of profit at the level of:

✓ Major shareholders
✓ Board of Directors
✓ Management
✓ Infrastructure

Recommendations for Voting

At general shareholders meetings

1% — request of the list of shareholders

2% — proposal of issues to agenda and candidates to the Board
Around 5% — 9% — election of the Board member
10% — convocation of the shareholders meeting
After 25% — blocking stake
Russian Government
The Bank of Russia (regulator)


Special situations


Public voice of portfolio investors – Examples

  • Corporate legislation
  • Voluntary and Mandatory
  • Distribution of Profits
  • M&A and interested party
  • Corporate governance
  • Climate Change


Resolution of the controversies

  • Work with independent directors and management
  • Engagement with major shareholders
  • Consolidation of opinions/votes of portfolio investors


Representation in court

  • Consolidation of shareholders to decrease legal fees and trial costs
  • Selection of law firms and consultants
  • Support in mass media

Engagement with the companies regarding ESG

Association of
Institutional Investors (API)